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Andrew Knight - Blue Ribbon National Sales Executive (503) 943-2908
Andrew oversees seven different Blue Ribbon processing locations and routinely monitors all phases of production. He is a stickler for perfection, making sure that every Blue Ribbon product is consistent in quality and 100% usable. Andrew’s understanding of seasonal forecasting and production lead-times is critical to the success of the Blue Ribbon program.

Angela Smith - Dyna-Bilt® Regional Sales Executive (503) 943-2925
Angela works from our Indiana field office and is directly responsible for the sales and management of our Dyna Bilt® RV Products in the upper Midwest. She has a solid and extensive background in the processing, logistics, sales and distribution of our Dyna Bilt RV Products. Angela’s product knowledge and creative problem-solving skills have provided innovative solutions to many of our RV customers.

Geoff Rice - Blue Ribbon National Sales Executive (503) 943-2944
Geoff is an expert in pressure-treating preservatives, processes, and their proper end-use applications. His knowledge has been critical in developing the use of our Aqua Seal® preservatives for various end-uses. Geoff understands the North American market and each region’s unique product and preservative requirements. 

Geoff Toma - TRED-eX® Program Director (503) 943-2918
Geoff helped develop the TRED-eX® line of specialty panels for mezzanine floor systems and continues to add exciting new industry products. His broad experience with laminates, coatings, and composite panels make Geoff a tremendous resource for our customers. Geoff understands all the distribution channels in the Materials Handling Industry. 

Gregg Rice - PAKtite® National Sales Manager (503) 943-2915
 Gregg’s specialty is the development of panel products that require multi-step manufacturing processes. He analyzes the physical properties of proprietary products like Dyna-Bilt® and AQUA TECH®, and applies them in new areas. Gregg’s product knowledge has helped to develop many of the hybrid panel products used in the trailer industry, including our PAKtite floor, wall and door panels. 

James Phelps - MAXtek® National Sales Manager (503) 943-2945
James manages our MAXtek® OSB Facers product line and oversees our Saw-Tek™ Certified group of Super Strip roofing products. He is a wood products expert with extensive knowledge of single and multi-family residential and commercial structures. His passion for service and follow-through is a testament to his decades-long relationships with many of our customers.

Jason Jones - Dyna-Bilt® / AQUA TECH® National Sales Executive (503) 943-2906
Jason is a National Sales Executive in the Affiliated Resources RV and Marine Products Divisions. Jason has a wide-ranging industrial panel products background. His knowledge, product application and attention to detail are fortified by his service-oriented approach to the production demands of OEM customers. Jason is well-versed in all RV and marine industry product segments. 

Mike Allstott - Dyna-Bilt® Program Director (503) 943-2905
Mike has extensive experience in the design, development, and sales of RV specialty panel products. His broad knowledge of wood fiber properties and processes has proved invaluable in the development of our Dyna-Bilt® product line. His groundbreaking work on our Dyna Span® performance engineered floors has created a whole new RV Industry standard. 

Nick Colasurdo - AQUA TECH® Program Director / PAKtite® National Sales Executive (503) 943-2907
Nick is the AQUA TECH Program Director in the Affiliated Resources Marine Products Division. He also serves as a National Sales Executive in the Cargo Trailer Products Division. He has extensive knowledge of the Affiliated Resources’ proprietary materials portfolio that is engineered exclusively for Boat and Cargo Trailer applications. Nick has a strong background in developing long-term partnerships and can be trusted to deliver reliable recommendations, timely results and outstanding service.

Jason Klun - TRED-eX® National Sales Executive (971) 295-5003
Jason is a National Sales Executive in the Affiliated Resources Materials Handling Products Division. His continued efforts to expand the TRED-eX® line are invaluable to the company, while also providing focus to additional future product development opportunities. He has an extensive background in both Sales and Logistics, giving him a leg up over the competition. 

Brent Mattison - Blue Ribbon National Sales Executive (971)-348-5080
Brent has been in the lumber business for 10 years. He is the Swiss army knife of lumber products. With experience ranging from cut-to-size industrials, dimensional commodities, and agricultural, he is well versed in many industries and lumber applications.

Mike Wilkins - President (503) 943-2929
Mike has a strong background in the production, sales, and distribution of wood, steel, and plastic products to OEM customers and industrial end-users. He has technical knowledge of many raw materials and how they can be applied in industrial OEM markets. Mike fully understands the intricacies of creating company produced and branded products for our diverse customer base.

Kelly Rykken - Controller (503) 943-2935
Kelly has an extensive background in corporate finance and is directly responsible for forecasting, planning, managing, and controlling all company financial-related activities. She maintains our intracompany banking relationships and is the primary contact for all accounting and auditing activities. Kelly administers a multi-state sales tax system, handles our insurance compliance, and manages the credit worthiness of our widespread customer base.

Renee Case - Director Accounting & Administration (503) 943-2922
Renee has an extensive background in public accounting, corporate accounting, Human Resources, and benefits planning. She directs our daily accounting processes, our transactional processing systems, multiple company inventory locations, and supervises our corporate office administrative team. Renee manages and coordinates all internal IT and employee benefits.

Christina Ragland - Inventory Control Specialist (503) 943-2917
Christina manages and reconciles the company inventories and work-in-process. She keeps track of all production inflow and outflow, as well as the various processing lead-times and due dates. Christina is very proficient in all internal company operations including invoicing, accounts payable, and data entry. 

Bella Colaluca- Marketing and Recruiting Specialist (503) 943-2900
Bella is responsible for coordinating all Affiliated Resources brand marketing, advertising, and promotional activities. She works on all marketing projects through regular communication with our outsourced advertising agencies. She also reviews and screens applicants, and schedules for our potential new candidates.

Rick Charlton- Transportation & Logistics Manager (971) 371-1875
Rick manages all logistical and supply chain operations for Affiliated Resources. He oversees all execution of our logistics strategies and set up procedures and processes, while working closely with members of our sales and management team. 

Tami DeShields - Receptionist (503) 943-2900
Tami is the first person to greet you when you call or visit Affiliated Resources. She is pleasant and professional when offering company information and quick to direct you to the right person. Tami provides administrative office support which includes mailing, filing, processing payments and issuing checks.

Tristy Crislip- Assistant Credit Manager (503) 943-2900
Tristy is our Assistant Credit Manager. Her background in credit includes both industry and banking. She has worked in commercial and consumer credit, fraud prevention and customer service.  She plays a role in our risk management strategy and is responsible for Credit Applications and Reviews. She also handles documentation for sales tax exemptions and application of customer payments.






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