AQUA PLY PLUS® Panels are specialty marine-type softwood plywood panels pressure-treated with AQUA SEAL® oxide-formulated preservatives to prevent rot and insect damage.

AQUA PLY PLUS is manufactured in thicknesses from 1/4” through 1-1/2” and in sizes from 4’x8’ to 4’x10’.



Built to Last

  • AQUA PLY PLUS is produced using AQUA PLY®, a specialty softwood plywood panel engineered and manufactured with all Group I veneers and marine-type exterior glue.
  • AQUA PLY PLUS is pressure-treated with AQUA SEAL® oxide formulated preservatives and kiln-dried to uniformly low moisture content to maintain stability, flatness and good resin adhesion.
  • AQUA SEAL® is a group of copper oxide formulated waterborne preservatives that are safe, environmentally-friendly and available in two specific formulations based on end-use application.
  • AQUA PLY PLUS preservatives are fixed into the cellular structure of the plywood to prevent fungal decay (dry rot) and attack by termites.
  • AQUA PLY PLUS is fully covered under our AQUA TECH® Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • AQUA TECH® Warranty offers a lifetime limited warranty against structural panel failure caused by fungal decay, termite damage and manufacturing defects including delamination.