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TRED-eXtreme® mezzaine decking panels combine the best of two worlds—a polyethylene-wearing surface with an engineered wood substrate to create the most durable mezzanine floor available. TRED-eXtreme is specifcally engineered and manufactured for your individual project.


  • 1/2", 3/4", 1-1/8" x 48" x 96" T&G 2 long edges (standard panel size) 

  • Available sizes to 5' x 12' T&G on all 4 edges (Cut-to-size & custom machining available) 

  • Installs directly to joists or over corrugated roof deck to provide a long-lasting and durable floor 

  • USDA accepted 

  • Special anti-stat additive available to reduce static conductivity

Laminates & Overlays

TRED-eXtreme® panels can be laminated on one or two sides in a variety of colors, textures and thicknesses. High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) laminate acts to deflect the load over a larger footprint; allowing for heavier loads than traditional panel products. The HDPE is a 100% moisture barrier that provides tremendous abrasion resistance. Scratches and gouges are visually minimized because the color is pigmented throughout the laminate. TRED-eXtreme panels can be engineered to accommodate heavy wheel loads.

  • .030" HDPE— Foot traffic or cart traffic when laminated to a TRED-eXtra® substrate 

  • .050" HDPE— Cart traffic or pallet jack loads when laminated to a TRED-eXtra substrate 

  • .100" HDPE— Pallet jack traffic (see chart)


  • TRED-eXtreme can be specified with three different wood-panel substrates—our TRED-eXtra panel, Plywood, or Oriented Strand Board. 

  • TRED-eXtra— Heaviest duty substrate without added cost. TRED-eXtra is rated and warranted for wheel load traffic without any laminate. When TRED-eXtra is specified as a substrate, higher wheel loads are achieved with thinner laminates. 

  • Plywood— Structurally rated; can be used with or without corrugated substructure and can be exposed to repeated wetting and drying cycles. (Available with Class A Fire-Rating or preservative treatment.) 

  • Oriented Strand Board— Structurally rated; can be used with or without corrugated substructure.

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