Blue Dragon®

Blue Dragon® Energy is a renewable energy program that encompasses firewood, wood pellets, and forest bio-mass. Blue Dragon products come from organic biomass residuals acquired from environmentally sensitive forest thinning and fire reduction projects. Blue Dragon Energy is committed to forest restoration, wildlife, soils, and watershed health.


Blue Dragon seasoned firewood is the cleanest, driest firewood available. It is kiln-dried and certified to be infestation and tree-disease free. Blue Dragon seasoned firewood comes from reliable and environmentally sensitive tree thinning projects that help promote forest health and reduce forest fire danger. Blue Dragon seasoned firewood helps create new forestry, land management, and manufacturing jobs in rural communities. 

BLUE DRAGON BTUKomfort™ Premium Fuel Pellets

BTUKomfort Premium Fuel Pellets are renewable, all-natural wood pellets used for low-cost heating in wood pellet stoves. BTUKomfort Premium Fuel Pellets release fewer emissions, have less ash, and are considered carbon neutral. Blue Dragon BTUKomfort Fuel Pellets feature a ‘direct to consumer’ sales and marketing program and can be purchased through food, hardware, and specialty mass merchandisers.

Light a brighter future with Blue Dragon Energy Products!