PAKtite Cargo Panels

PAKtite® Cargo Panels are performance engineered OSB panels with greatly enhanced physical properties specifically designed for use as floors, walls, and doors in enclosed cargo trailers.

PAKtite® Cargo Panels are manufactured in four thicknesses – 3/8”, 1/2", 19/32”, and 23/32”.

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PAKtite® Cargo Panels

Specifically Designed for Enclosed Cargo Trailers

PAK Performance

  • PAKtite Cargo Panels are comprised of dense wood fiber strands selectively formed into multi-layer mats and bonded together with exterior adhesives at high temperatures and intense pressure.
  • PAKtite Cargo Panels use powerful, fast-curing, cross-linked, 100% MDI exterior adhesives with no added urea formaldehyde.

TITE Specifications

  • PAKtite Cargo Panels feature a uniformly dense core throughout that offers superior fastener holding properties.
  • PAKtite Cargo Panels use wax-based additives, plus a heavy emulsified wax/acrylic seal on the finished edges help to minimize moisture absorption and edge swell.
  • PAKtite Cargo Panels are fully sanded on the face for a light, natural finished appearance