Dyna Core® is an appearance grade hardwood plywood panel designed and manufactured with more veneer layers, tighter core lines and uniform appearance.

Dyna Core
is manufactured in four thicknesses – 2.7 mm, 3.4 mm, 5.2 mm, and 9 mm.

Dyna Core® Hardwood Plywood

More Specs with Less Weight

  • Dyna Core is designed and manufactured to be a low-cost, high-quality alternative to typical domestic construction plywood.
  • Dyna Core has comparable physical and mechanical properties to many western softwood plywood panels with the additional benefit of a better panel face and back.
  • Dyna Core is laid up with tight core lines using balanced construction techniques that help maintain dimensional stability.
  • Dyna Core is bonded with CARB 93120.2(a) compliant urea formaldehyde resins certified to be 0.05 ppm or lower.
  • Dyna Core is manufactured under proprietary standards that establish minimum requirements for wood species and grades of veneer, panel construction, resin specs, dimensions and tolerances, moisture content and general recommendations for use.